Short Term Rental Homes – The Best Alternative To Hotel Rooms


Not everyone likes to stay in hotels. Some don’t like the crammed-packed rooms, while some don’t like the restrictions pestered by the hotel administration. Some hate the hotel food, while some feel they aren’t at freedom while staying in a hotel.

Short Term Rental Homes or holiday apartments are the answer for the individuals who experience the above issues. They offer you to select the home or apartment as per your taste. Then it may be a beach house, cottage, cabin house, or a spacious apartment equipped with all cooking amenities. For example, MRG Apartments provides regim hotelier Sector 4 facilities to its clients.

Let’s take a look at some benefits this rental homes offer.

Benefits Of Holiday Apartments

Though you may miss the room service in the holiday apartments, they are still worth a unique experience. Here is the list of benefits.

1. Personalized Experience

Feel like you are home despite you being away from home. Feel free to use the kitchen and other amenities and enjoy the freedom of cooking food you like. Choose a homestay in your areas of choice like the beach, countryside or the central town.

You may connect with your owner and ask him to be a guide to explore the city. It will be a cheap deal as he won’t charge you exorbitantly. You will know more about the native culture enriching you with a lifetime experience.

2. Better Freedom

Stay in short-term rental homes without any commitment. There’s no limit of 2 to 3 persons per room, so you can have a large group staying together in a holiday apartment.

Some hotels don’t allow pets. If you are a pet guardian, you can enjoy the holiday with your pets at these places.

3. More Space

The holiday apartments are best for families with kids who require more area to play around and have fun. Many times, holiday apartments have ideal ventilation as compared to hotel rooms.

4. Less For More

Pay less and get more plays true for holiday apartments. Some of the amenities include:

  • Fully Equipped Kitchenette
  • Wifi Access
  • Cable TV
  • C. Fitted Rooms
  • Fully Reserved Bathrooms
  • Grocery And General Shops Nearby
  • Bars And Restaurants Nearby

If you compare the costs of hotel rooms vs holiday apartments, you will notice you gain more with holiday apartments.


There are many properties offering tourists short-term rental homes. They are spacious with furnished and well-ventilated rooms. The holiday apartments have kitchens with all cooking facilities for people who love to cook and prefer food prepared by them.

With rental homes, you have the liberty to select any area on the outskirts of the city on the beach side or in the central downtown. Holiday apartments offer you more freedom to provide you with a unique experience. They offer you more benefits as compared to hotel rooms.

You will know more about the city culture by connecting with the property owner or any locals in the neighborhood. Once you experience staying at a holiday home, you will cherish the experience all your life.