3 Unique Ways for Marketing Your Local Business


There are instances where budget limits small businesses from working on their marketing tasks. But not every successful tactic needs huge budget. Here are some unique ways on how to market your business With MediaOne.

  1. Go a bit personal

Customers have a knack for making something their own. So, to make the most of it, add a bit of a personal touch to your business. When you include customer’s name on your product, it works like a charm. You can try frosting to write names on donuts, or the legendary Share a Coke scheme.

  1. Promote customer engagement

Today, you can do anything to make your small business more shareable and make the most of the marketing at the same time. You can seek ways to make your business Instaworthy like making the use of photo apps in order to increase the social reach without investing a penny. You can also integrate prize component on certain use of custom hashtag etc.

  1. Loyalty programs

If you are losing hold of your customers, then you need to find a way to encourage repeat business. You can come up with a loyalty program where they can exchange stuff for discounts. This concept is more like membership that rewards customers on the basis of their number of visits or how much they spend.