What is the Difference Between a Lanai, Patio, and Porch?


Nowadays, home exterior design is as important as interior design. People have started to introduce outdoor living spaces to their house designs. Whether it be for a family get-together, a kitty party, or a simple evening, the outdoor living spaces can be a great place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty. Moreover, these outdoor structures, if constructed well, can boost the value of your house exponentially.

A patio, lanai, and porch are all great options for a stunning house design. Although these names are used interchangeably, there are quite a lot of differences between them. The main difference between a lanai, patio, and porch is the location and the way they’re constructed.

Here is more of what you should know about these outdoor spaces.

What is a Lanai?

A lanai is a Hawaiian traditional structure that is usually covered and open on multiple sides. It’s usually made of concrete or brick with a roof overhead to provide shelter from the sun and rain. A lanai can also be enclosed with screens, making it an all-weather space you can use no matter the season.

It acts more as a second living room but is usually located at the back side of the house. You can also use it for entertaining or just relaxing in the sun. Unlike a porch, lanai gives more privacy and protection by providing a coveted outdoor space with screens or windows.

Pros of Lanai

Ø  Plenty of additional space in the home

Ø  Adequate protection from the elements

Ø  Adds value to your house

Cons of Lanai

Ø  More expensive than patios and porches

Ø  It won’t suit all types of houses or landscapes

What is a Patio?

A patio is an outdoor space that is made of concrete, stones, or pavers. These structures are usually located in the backyard of the house, and are used as an outdoor living area for barbecues, entertaining, and relaxing. You can choose to cover it with a roof if you want more protection during the rainy season. However, they mostly remain uncovered.

Patios are mostly built adjacent to the house or near a pool. They make an excellent space to enjoy the outdoors while still maintaining your privacy.

Pros of Patio

Ø  Easy to maintain and repair

Ø  Can be customized in any shape and size

Ø  Most cost-effective outdoor living space option

Ø  Adds value to your home

Cons of Patio

Ø  Mostly unprotected from weather elements

Ø  Not suitable for sloped properties

What is a Porch?

Unlike a patio, a porch is attached to the main house and features a built-in roof. Porches are usually built in front of the house and are often fenced on the sides. The primary purpose of a front porch design is to provide an outdoor space for residents to be able to relax.

However, porches are usually smaller than patios. So, a front porch design will not be suitable for large gatherings or hosting outdoor parties. These outdoor structures are simply meant for the residents to enjoy the evening breeze or arrange a family dinner. Many houses nowadays come with multiple porches.

Pros of Porch

Ø  Suitable for all kinds of properties, including sloped

Ø  Can be used in all weather conditions

Ø  Great for small gatherings or dinners with family and friends

Cons of Porch

Ø  Not suitable for large gatherings

Ø  Do not always increase the value of your home

Ø  Expensive to install

Each of these outdoor living spaces has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your needs, lifestyle, budget, and home exterior design, you can choose the right one according to your preference. However, just make sure to consult a professional designer before making any decision about your house design.

You can consult BeautifulHomes for any services related to the exterior and interior design of the houses. That way you can be sure that your outdoor space works perfectly for your property and brings years of enjoyment.