6 Climbing Plants Great for Indian Balconies & Gardens


Indoor plants are great for home interiors. They purify the air indoors and make the space feel fresh. Moreover, they make the residents feel closer to nature and create a cosy space for them. Hence, indoor plants are a must-have for modern homes. However, you must not choose any plant randomly for your home decor. There are many different types of indoor plants available. You should put some thought into your decision.

Among all the indoor plant types, climbers have become very popular in modern homes. These are the plants that require support for growing vertically. They develop small extensions from their stems that help them to anchor or twine themselves around the objects near them. The soft appearance and curves add more visual interest to the space. If you are planning to get climbers for your home decor, here are a few options you can consider:

01 of 06 Bougainvillea

One of the most common climbers used in home interiors is the bougainvillea. People love this plant in their balcony design because of its vibrant appearance. You can easily recognise these plants from their colourful and attractive leaves that appear like flowers. Moreover, this option does not require a lot of care and is perfect for homeowners looking for low-care indoor plants. You will find small white flowers in these plants as well. Also, the specialised leaves in these plants are available in many colours, including magenta, pink, red, orange, yellow, and even white. You can add a splash of colours to any solace using them.

Just make sure that the plant in your home receives plenty of sunlight and water. Also, you need to water the plant regularly during the early days. Once it grows a little, you can water it occasionally. You can raise this indoor plant in hot, dry, and coastal climates as well.

02 of 06 Blue morning glory

You must have seen a blue morning glory. In many parts, it is called the blue dawn flower or koali awa. This small plant is evergreen and bears beautiful blue and purple flowers that appear like trumpets. Its beautiful dark-green velvety leaves are heart-shaped, and further add to the beauty of the plant. You will find blooming flowers every day during late spring, summer and autumn.

Just make sure that your blue morning glory plant gets exposure to plenty of sunlight. Also, the plant requires regular watering during the initial stage. Make sure you add fertilisers timely and keep it away from strong winds.

03 of 06 Devil’s ivy

Even if you have never heard of devil’s ivy before, you must be aware of the money plant. Both names refer to the same plant. These are very common in India and found in many households. You can easily recognise this indoor plant from its heart-shaped leaves with yellow speckles. This is a beautiful evergreen climber that grows very fast.

To ensure it grows fast and stays in superb quality, you should avoid placing it under direct sunlight and in low-humid conditions. Always place it in a shaded area and water it regularly during the hot months.

04 of 06 Star jasmine

Want to add a plant to your home interiors that exudes a beautiful fragrance? You can never go wrong with the star jasmine. This evergreen vine is also known as confederate jasmine, but it is not real jasmine. They grow beautiful white flowers but only blossom during the late spring and summer.

Compared to true jasmine, this plant requires less maintenance. It is quite hardy and can easily tolerate winter. Keep it close to the sun and water it from time to time so that the soil stays well-drained.

05 of 06 Bengal clock vine

One of the reasons people love the Bengal clock vine in their balcony designs is because of its trumpet-shaped blue flowers. Since the flowers grow in clusters, they make the plant aesthetically more appealing. Also, it has dense foliage and adds visual interest to your interiors. This plant is commonly known as the Bengal trumpet or blue skyflower as well. You can easily recognise this plant from its rope-like stems that only twine clockwise.

People love this evergreen plant because it requires very little maintenance. You can grow it in your home as long as it receives sunlight at times and stays in a warm condition.

06 of 06 Sweet potato vine

The sweet potato vine is different from regular potato plants. It belongs to the family of blue morning glory. This plant can grow really fast and dense. Its beautiful dark-green to lime-green leaves make your home interiors colourful. Moreover, its white flowers add to the beauty. This vine is popularly known as the tuberous morning glory.

You just have to water the plant thoroughly throughout the year. It will make the plant grow fast. Also, allow partial sun exposure for fast growth.