Understanding Airtel IQ video and its benefits


Streaming services are all the rage today. Moreover, the demand for streaming platforms and OTT shows has never been higher. Riding on the same high demand, there are a lot of companies out there, which are releasing their very own streaming platforms. But, managing a streaming network is no cakewalk.

After all, there are tons of challenges that can crop up anytime. You have to deal with heavy consumer traffic, site breakdowns, large volume of content and a lot more. Which is why, it is apt that you always remain ready with the very best that modern tech has to offer.

Now, India’s premier mobile communications company, Airtel, understands this need. Therefore, they have now launched Airtel IQ Video. In this blog, we’ll learn a bit more about what it really is, what are its benefits, and how you can make the most of their services to grow your business to newer heights.

Choose Airtel IQ to make your business grow

It is no big secret that everyone wants to get into the world of OTT platforms today. Moreover, OTT is not just about streaming entertainment content, such as movies, TV shows or serials anymore. Starting from educational to health, business to corporates, there is now demand for video in almost every single sector.

The steady increase in internet usage, and its penetration into every industry out there has kept the demand for Over-The-Top platforms sustainable. As companies look forward, OTT is going to play a major role in shaping the world, and our tomorrow.

This is where Airtel IQ Video comes in and takes the reins. It provides a platform where you can achieve the full potential of your videos. With Airtel IQ, you get a completely new and differentiated video streaming experience that is bound to elevate the viewers watching experience. An unrivalled platform, that goes hand in hand with your content to make your business overcome all barriers and drives it towards growth.

Airtel IQ is an inclusive and seamlessly designed platform, which is fundamentally quite cost effective, all at the same time. It is made in a way that launching video content becomes easy for you.

Moreover, the hassle-free experience will truly get to you, and you will marvel at how easy it is to control your OTT platform. Some of the most advanced features of the IQ Video platform have been designated to help you with storage, analytics, streaming, curation and much more. With Airtel by your side, your streaming business will finally get that push that you so long desired to have.

Why should I choose Airtel IQ Video?

Let’s elaborate on some additional benefits that Airtel IQ video will provide you:

Optimised performance with Airtel IQ Video

Airtel understands that managing an OTT or video streaming platform all by yourself is certainly not that easy. That is why, you are provided with all the necessary tools and equipment to provide an optimal performance to the users of your platform. Airtel provides the ecosystem that you need to reach up to the global standards of content streaming.

Easy integration & maintenance

While ensuring global standards, it is also important that you get a very easy integration platform. Furthermore, regular maintenance of your platform is also necessary to ensure that everything is running as smooth as butter. Airtel IQ Video has a very apt, all-inclusive API that supports plug and play. It makes managing storage, contracts, ads and much more incredibly simple.

Ensures complete security of your content

Data privacy is a real concern, and Airtel does recognise the same as well. That is why, you get world class, leading standards of privacy protection systems in place. With maximum user privacy and protection of the user’s data, Airtel IQ Video earns its place as one of the safest platforms for uploading OTT content.

Thus, if you are impressed with the set of features available, we suggest you head over to the Airtel business page and look for further information regarding Airtel IQ Video. Furthermore, you also get other benefits at Airtel business. For example, the Airtel business postpaid plan for corporate entities is also highly acclaimed. We suggest you check it out as well.