Top 10 Best Refrigerator Brands in India


With the extreme summers being experienced in India, it is of utmost importance to have a refrigerator in the house. To buy refrigerators for the household, one needs to know about the specifics that each brand provides. Here’s a list of the top 10 brands of refrigerators in India.


SAMSUNG is a leading name in the electronics sector with products as varied as air conditioners, televisions and refrigerators. Samsung refrigerators provide new technological features such as Digital Inverter Technology, Direct Cooling, Side by Side Cooling, etc.. The capacity of Samsung refrigerators varies from 192 liters to 700 liters plus.

  1. LG:

LG has been a pioneer in the field of refrigerators ever since its inception. With features as advanced as Power cut ever cool and humidity controller, LG is always in the competition ahead of others. They have a dedicated customer support system that only serves to better their sales. Capacity ranges from 185 liters to a whopping 900 liters.

  1. Whirlpool:

Whirlpool, found in the year 1911, has been a leading manufacturer of refrigerators for decades. With its advanced technological features like 6th sense active cooling, it is one of the leading refrigerator brands in India.

  1. GODREJ:

Godrej has been delivering excellent quality and service in the refrigerator domain since its inception. Its latest SIF technology and low starting voltage technologies are the ones held in very high esteem by refrigerating experts.

  1. Videocon:

Videocon is a company with diverse electronic products in its portfolio. It never fails to deliver in either product or service quality. Hence, its popularity in the Indian market as a refrigerator manufacturer is massive. Magic Cool Zone and stabilizer free operation are few of the exclusive technological innovations exhibited by Videocon.


This top Japanese company is popular in India and is known for its reliable electronics products; IT provides Eco Thermal Sensor and Titanium Filter and is a pioneer in introducing these technologies into the world of refrigerating and cooling.

  1. Haier:

It is a Chinese company, which has established a significant presence in the Indian market through its adaptation to the diverse customer needs of the average Indian. Haier boasts of several ground-breaking technological advancements such as Top Mount Frost Free and Direct Cool.

  1. Electrolux:

The refrigerators from Electrolux are furnished with a sleek and stylish look as well as an excellent interior. This company dates back to almost a century and meanwhile has never lost its footing in the market. Deofresh Deodorizer and Toughened Glass Shelves are Electrolux’s innovation.

  1. Panasonic:

This is another diversified company, well known amongst almost every Indian household. Feasting on some extraordinary features like E-fresh Ionizer and Econavi, Panasonic refrigerators are green and eco-friendly.

  1. Sharp:

Sharp provides Hybrid Cooling and LED lighting and is one of the top 10 refrigerator brands in India. They are known for manufacturing quality products and providing exceptional customer support services.

When buying a refrigerator be sure to consult experts and salespeople from this domain so that you don’t end up investing in an electronics product that may not suit you.