Tips to Keep the Price of Your WordPress Hosting Down


With several new players entering the web hosting market in India, there is no dearth of good options to boost your WordPress. However, you should compare their plans to find the best domain and hosting price. Here are some helpful tips for a cost-effective domain hosting plan:

Price Comes First

For a cost-effective web host, price is obviously the first thing to consider. You may not be able to afford a price that is too high, but remember a low price could be a scam. So, do your research and find a genuine domain hosting provider.

Features and Performance

It is advisable to first figure out your exact needs for running the WordPress site. Your host may provide you attractive features but you might not even need them. There is no point in going for a WordPress hosting plan with features that you are not going to use. Learn about your web hosting requirements, if you need to install other scripts, if you need to run multiple WordPress sites, or if you need optimized systems like LiteSpeed.

Do Not Forget About the Free Features and Extras ssssssss

If you are operating on a tight budget, look for domain hosting providers that offer additional free features making the deal sweeter for you. You can usually get one free domain name, complementary advertising credit, free backup services, or an SSL certificate in the package. It will help you in keeping a check on the additional costs for your site.

Opt for the Money-Back Policy

If your service provider offers a money-back guarantee, then it is a sort of insurance for your payment as it allows you to get a refund when you are not satisfied with their services and cancel the account. You will find most of the servers offering a full refund period ranging from 30 days to 90 days. However, you should read the terms carefully on some sensitive issues like the non-refundable fees and the ownership of domains. It is advisable to pick a web host that offers a long money-back period along with detailed and clear terms on the refund policy.

Customer Support

Besides the domain and hosting price, the most important aspect of choosing a web host is the quality of customer support they offer. You may face some problems from time to time, such as problems related to downtime, server issues, and other service issues. If you pick an efficient web host, you may not have to hire the services of a WordPress developer.

One-Click Installers and Management

A good WordPress hosting provider will offer you a One-Click Installer. It will enable you to go live with your site in minutes and help avoid technicalities. Do not get fooled by popular control panel brand names and opt only for the features you need. Remember, control panels have licensing fees and they can significantly increase the price of the hosting service.

Check for Scalability

Learn about the upgrading policy and the ease of upgrade so that you can continue with your service provider in the future as well. It will impact your future costs and will ultimately prove to be a cost-effective package for you. You can avoid those service providers that have incredibly expensive plans for upgrading.

Your WordPress hosting provider will be one of the key stepping stones towards achieving the desired results. Take your time, plan for your business needs, and pick the best service provider in the market.