How to negotiate the best deal from a dealership


Buying a car involves quite a number of processes especially if it’s a used car. There are so many things to go through before the negotiation process for the ideal car for you begin. Your budget and current financial status is usually the most important thing to take into mind as you’re not trying to go broke and get into debt from buying an expensive car. The moment you finally get the car that fits your budget or even a little higher, it’s best for you to negotiate for a better price.

Buying a used car also entails a lot of patience. This is because it may take some time before you are able to find something you actually like and want. So when you land yourself a good ride, it’s the only time to worry about the price as it may take you a while before you find something else.

Understanding when to negotiate

When a dealer gives you the initial asking price, always know that there’s room to bring it down. This applies to used cars only as most dealers have no negotiation policy for brand new cars. This means that you will have to pay for every cent for the car and if they do allow for negotiations, it’s usually negligible for a few hundreds.

How to negotiate

It’s smart to negotiate the price of a used car by separating the trade-in from the interest rates. This will give you the most significant difference than when both are combined. Understand the value of your trade-in and ensure you bring the vehicle in good state. It is best if you conduct a used car valuation Bangalore before finalizing the price.

If the dealer asks you how much you’re willing to pay for the vehicle, always give a lower but reasonable price and allow yourself room to go a little higher. Otherwise, the dealer will most probably not take you seriously if the price you give is way too low.