Computer security cameras are the sure-fire way of providing adequate security to your home or business. They are very affordable, and you can get one from any reliable dealer. If you have a limited budget and don’t want to spend much on security, then these cameras are the right ones for you.

Technically, the output from computer security cameras is sent to a DVR hard drive with a recorder. The output produced by these cameras differs, and this depends on how the camera is used. Computer security cameras occupy hard disk much faster because it generates a lot of files and this is the primary issue with this kind of cameras.

So if you are looking for a cool security camera, then you should get a webcam. A webcam is cheap and easy to set up. It is useful for general monitoring of a place. But the disadvantage of using it is that it requires proper lighting condition without which you will get low-quality images. If you are on a budget and wouldn’t want to spend much, then this security camera is the right one for you. You shouldn’t expect much for a security camera that is less than $100.

Again, a webcam is very easy to install. If you have prior knowledge of computers, then its installation should be a walkover for you. It takes just a few minutes for installing. One benefit of using webcam is that if you are not at home, you can scan images when you get back. The webcam comes with email alert service feature which you can activate to include images. And if required, you can send these images to the police as evidences.

Another type of computer security camera is IP security camera systems. IP security cameras give better image quality than a webcam. IP security camera installation process is straightforward. The price of IP cameras differs based on the level of coverage and image resolution. But you can get it for less than $100, including a good one from Hikvision. You can access these cameras from a remote location using the internet. You can also access them from a web browser. You can also add it to your computer if you have enough space on your hard disk.

There are so many other security cameras with advanced features. These cameras have features such as counting the number of passersby and taking snapshots when movements are detected.