Get Authorised Cable for a Reliable Work and Error Free Access on iPhone and iPad


Sometimes, when you charge your iPhone with the cable you will notice a message on the screen displaying, the cable of the device was not certified. It even stops the charging of the battery getting. iPhone as well as iPad will not support the access of other accessories as it will make use of its personal USB cable to charge the battery and data transmitters.

If you use an uncertified accessory to access the iPhone or iPad it shows a warning message to the user. Sometimes, there will be other reasons too. We will discuss a few reasons why this message will be displayed and how to fix these issues.

Try to pull the wire out of your iPhone or iPad and connect it again. Also, check with the USB and connect it to an outlet of the wall or to a laptop. By doing these steps, you will understand whether the problem is with the power or cable. If none of them works then it is because of some other cause.

Quality of the cable

The primary cause is the quality of the cable. If you will use the cheap quality cable, which is not certified either it may work or it may not. At this time, the iPhone or iPad displays a warning message stating iPhone accessory is not supported. It provides security to your iPhone and iPad from unauthenticated cable.

Most of the users will buy the uncertified cable to replace the original damaged cable, as the duplicates are inexpensive and easily available in the stores. The certified lighting ports are expensive, but they provide high quality. Don’t compromise on the quality of the cable because it may harm your iPhone and iPad. So, instead of opting for a poor quality cheap cable select a certified cable to avoid the issues.

Cable damage

You can notice the same message if your cable will not work due to physical damages because of repeated use, particularly when the cable is immersed in water, cracks, etc. Before using the cable for charging, check the break downs or wire disconnects within the cable. If there are any damages, you have to replace it with the new cable.

Obstructions in the cable or port

You can notice the message when there will be some obstructions in the cable or lightning port of your iPhone and iPad. If anything is stuck in it, they will not be able to send the signals and prevents it from proper functioning. To avoid problems maintain the port clean from dust or lint.

It sometimes, prevents the whole functioning of the port. In that case, you will not get any warning message because the iPhone will not receive any signal from the port. Mostly, in the iPad the error message will be shown when play dough or carpet lint is stuck in the cable.

A cheap quality cable will create a lot of trouble while charging your iPhone and iPad. However, there may be other issues too. It is always better to opt for authorized cable to avoid the problems.