Four Mistakes you Must Avoid when Hiring a Website Designer


Finding the right website designer can be overwhelming for a lot of people. There are many options available and factors to consider.  Choosing the best designer for the job is paramount to the overall success of your website and business. When finding a web designer, it is also important to avoid making the common mistakes that other website owners make. These include the following:

Making a Decision Based on Price Alone

Just like when you hire web developer, you should consider price when hiring a web designer. But, their rate alone should not be a deciding factor. There are other factors you have to consider such as the reputation of the agency they work for, their credentials, experience, and knowledge. As you invest in a website, take it as an asset that can bring in new opportunities and customers for your business. A designer that offers the cheapest price for their service may not be able to meet your needs.

Failing to Consider their Specialization

Website design has many areas and details to pay attention to and you want to a designer that specializes in the type of design you want. For instance, if you want a minimalistic web design, you must not pick a designer with a portfolio of flash-based websites that have plenty of bells and whistles. To make sure your website design needs are met, select somebody who knows the job well.

Failing to Take into Account Feature Maintenance and Updates

Even if your website is new, it needs to be updated and maintained from time to time. The majority of designers provide these services as part of a package or at an hourly rate. Talk to your possible designer about the inclusion of these services and how much they will charge if these are separate services. Often, you can expect to get the best results if you hire the same designer to perform the updates and maintain your site.

Hiring a Designer who Doesn’t Keep SEO in Mind

A good looking website is nothing if people don’t find your site. That is why your designer should know how to incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) into their work. SEO is vital to get your site ranked higher in search engine result pages. When people find you during their searches, they will judge your website based on how it is designed. This means that finding you is worthless when those people will not stay in your site and consider your offerings. A good designer should know that SEO and great website design work together.