Canadian Custom Wire Manufacturer


Sycor Technology has been a Canadian custom wire manufacturer since 1981. Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, this company regularly manufactures and ships custom wire, cable and related products to a worldwide clientele. Although it has an extensive inventory of products in stock, its employees understand that many of Sycor’s customers have unique needs that cannot be met by those, and they are ready to create custom-made ones that do.

High-Temperature Wire

Of the custom wire that this wire and cable manufacturer creates, many are used in high-temperature situations. In fact, Sycor’s wire and cable can even be manufactured in a way that allows them to withstand temperatures exceeding 450 degrees Celsius. Some of the high-temperature applications that this type of wire and cable have been used in include cooking equipment, industrial ovens and aerospace applications.

Solar Energy

Another area where Sycor’s custom wire is oftentimes used is in solar energy applications. Quality wire needs to be able to help the power that is captured make its way to its destination so that it can ultimately be used elsewhere, and Sycor’s do that. Its wire is manufactured in a manner that allows it to withstand the harsh conditions that solar energy applications often need to endure.