An electric golf trolley is eco-friendly and convenient for every kind of golfer. Whether you a new or experienced golfer, it is beneficial to invest in an electric cart. It eliminates the struggle of pulling or pushing the equipment around the golf course. You can channel the energy you spend on moving equipment around to enhancing your golfing skills.

Tips for Purchasing an Electric Golf Trolley

Below are tips for finding the suitable trolley to buy;

  • Features

There are a variety of features that come with modern trolleys, especially electrical ones. Some of the most popular features include a rain cover, USB ports, mobile device holders, GPS displays, and tools to measure distances. It will cost more to purchase equipment with all the features. Ensure you choose the ideal equipment depending on your golfing needs.

  • Material

Golf carts are mostly made of steel, titanium, or aluminum. Steel trolleys are heavy but good wheels provide stability when moving them around. A titanium one weighs less but will cost more due to its durability.

  • Budget

Since electric trolleys are beneficial to golfers with injuries or medical conditions, there is a need to invest in one. It means researching the products available in the market and budgeting for them. By knowing the price of what you want to buy makes it easy when saving money to finance the project. Individuals with a small budget can opt to purchase a used electric golf trolley. However, equipment will differ depending on the model and functionalities. You can read online customer reviews to get information on golf trolleys brands.

  • Storage

Trolleys will differ in size. The choice to buy will most probably depend on the golfing equipment you will be carrying around. Check the height to find a comfortable cart to use. Also, consider the dimensions to see if they can fit in the car. A folding trolley can offer more storage space as you can expand it according to your luggage.

  • The Battery

Depending on the battery in use, electric golf trolleys will function differently. Ensure you purchase a cart that can cover a 36-hole game without the need of replacing the battery. However, there are other options available, especially when playing the 18 or 27-hole game.

Ensure you check the operating range while on battery before purchasing. However, depending on the type of battery the trolley uses, the equipment weight differs. Lead batteries are heavy and take more time to charge. However, lithium ones may be lighter and long-lasting.

  • The Terrain

Golf courses differ and it is essential to choose a trolley adaptable to the environment. You can find the terrain smooth or rough; the surface can either be flat or mountainous. Electric golf trolleys are adaptable to different kinds of terrains. It is crucial to consider the power of the trolley before purchasing. However, it is possible to adjust the power level in most of the products in the market.


Carrying items around the golf course need not be tasking. Use the above tips when investing in your game by purchasing an electric golf trolley.