All You Need to Know About Bike Headsets


The bicycle headset is an assembly of bearings. They are part of the tube of a bicycle that enables the wheel to move. It might look like a useless component of a bicycle, but it has significant importance. You might fail to recognize your set often if it’s in good condition. However, you might become aware of it when it begins to malfunction as you will experience difficulties at the steering. In the bicycle world, we have nothing like a united standard of headsets. There are several designs of headsets that you can buy online. Below we discuss some.

Types of bike bearing


At some time in the last decades, the majority of headsets would integrate into a thread at the tube. The headset had a similar width, even though the measurements were different in the latest bikes. It is before there was a replacement to the system by the threadless type. Here, its cups join to a tube where some bearings settle above and others beneath the races. A locknut attaches to the upper bearing, and it is effective in holding it in position. Things have, however, changed nowadays due to the availability of high-quality bicycles, taking this design at the bottom of a rider’s wish list.


These headset types are also called A headsets. Their function is to squeeze the cups to the top and bottom part of the tube, enabling these bearings to settle externally. Here, the steerer is not threaded, but you would opt to put a nut in its interior to resemble an anchor. After you fit the vacant spaces, you can use caps to put a load to the headset and ensure your stem stays in a firm position. It would be best for you to use stems that can equal the width of your steerer.


These bearing design work in almost the same way as the threadless design. The only dissimilarity is that the holding cups are squeezed to your frame’s interior, allowing just a small section out of both sides of the tube. Headsets are available in different designs that vary with depth, and it can be impossible to alter them. It has a cap at the top that enables you to adjust it.


These sets utilize bearings from cartridges. They come in systematic arrangements in your tube’s interior that hosts them. It has a frame that symbolizes a cup bearing and does not need extra tools when lifting. These bearings are available in numerous forms that are difficult to alter. It is advisable to settle with the right one when purchasing. Its installation process resembles the threadless type.

Across headset

Here, manufacturers cannot preload bearings via tightening the cap at the top. The stem squeezes to your steerer, and play is eliminated using a bolt. Its rings push in place after tightening to ensure it remains in place.


Looking after your headset is not a hard task. You are advised to ensure no water accesses the headset to prevent rusting.