A Quick Guide On How To Choose Your New DTH Connection


DTH is a constantly growing industry, all thanks to the ever-evolving consumers. But that just makes it ten times more difficult for you to choose which DTH new connection to go for. Every DTH provider such as Airtel Digital TV, TataSky, Dish TV, D2H and others are trying really hard to get a majority of consumers on their side.

With so much competition in the market and amid all the numerous DTH packages, choosing the one that’s right for you becomes a tedious task. And today, we’re here to help you with just that. First, let’s start with some parameters to consider when you’re deciding on which DTH connection would be best suited for you.

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best DTH Plan For You

  • Set-top Box

Set-top box is the instrument that converts satellite signals to the content you watch on TV. It determines the quality of your viewing experience. Hence, it’s highly important to choose the right Set-top box for you. But first, you have to make sure if the set-top box you desire is compatible with your TV and the pack you’ve chosen before deciding on one.

For example, if you want to choose Airtel Digital TV’s Xstream Basic plan, you’d have to opt for the set-top box that supports the said pack. Also, do not forget to consider the DTH set-top box price as well, when making the final call.

  • Display Resolution

Your desired display resolution plays a major role in determining which DTH plan or set-top box you choose. Decide on whether you want to consume HD content, can settle with SD viewing or want to go digital with OTT apps on your TV. Now, based on that, you can finalize a display resolution which in turn will help with the DTH plan and set-top box you finalize.

For example, if you want OTT apps on your TV like the Free Amazon Prime on Airtel Digital TV’s Xstream Premium plan, you know you can’t go for the SD box, since it won’t support your plan. Price also plays a major role in deciding resolution. So, if you have some financial constraints or wish to not splurge on entertainment, SD would be your ideal choice.

  • Types Of DTH Packs

With a clutter of DTH providers at your fingertips, it’s even more important now to compare DTH packages before making a decision. Ideally, every service provider has Base Packs and Pay Channels or Bouquet Channel Packs. These bouquet packs include bouquets based on niches, regional bouquets and more. So, all you have to do is, identify your needs and choose a pack accordingly.

  • Offers And Discounts

Several websites offer various exclusive deals and discounts if you purchase your DTH pack from their app or website. For example, Airtel gives special discounts and offers to its consumers purchasing directly from the official website or the Airtel Thanks app. So, compare all the DTH providers and their offers before deciding on one plan.

  • Customer Support

A diligent team of customer support staff is indeed a requirement when choosing a DTH provider. You need to know if Airtel provides the best customer support or TataSky does. And then you can make an informed decision.

Few Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making The Decision

Now that you know of the most important factors to consider before choosing a DTH new connection, just ask yourself a few simple questions.

  1. Do you want HD resolution?
  2. Are you satisfied with the number of channels?
  3. Are there enough free channels?
  4. Do you require more regional content?
  5. Does the price and package content suit your needs?
  6. Will you have to pay extra for Sports or other interests?
  7. Is switching plans easily facilitated?
  8. Does the operator charge more for installation?
  9. Are the accessories along with installation free of cost?
  10. Is Digital Video recording possible?

Making The Final Call On Your New DTH Connection

Now that you’ve gone through the questions, it’s time to make the final call. So, which will be your new DTH connection? Airtel, Dish TV, Tata Sky or D2H? As many DTH providers offer half-yearly and annual payments as well along with the monthly ones, compare all DTH packages and make a well informed and wise decision.