Skills Every Cosmetologist Needs


Being a cosmetologist can be a rewarding career. You get to make people look beautiful and improve their self-esteem. However, there is a lot more to being a cosmetologist than just doing hair and makeup. There are many other skills that you will have to master.

Communication Skills

One of the reasons that clients keep going to a particular cosmetologist for years is because their cosmetologist makes them feel comfortable. Good communication skills are required to make a person feel comfortable. Cosmetologists not only need to know how to talk to clients, but they also need to know how to listen. This is one of the keys to making sure that a client’s needs are met.


Cosmetology is a changing field. Learning does not stop after you graduate from cosmetology school. You will have to be able to keep up with the latest trends. You will also have to familiarize yourself with the newest technology and equipment.

People Skills

Cosmetology is a service industry. People skills are required to work in any service industry. Great people skills is one of the keys to building your client base.


any people become cosmetologists because it allows them to exercise their creativity. You have to be able to come up with your own unique ways to apply makeup and style hair. Being a creative cosmetologist helps you stand out from the competition.

Business Skills

Cosmetology is a business. You have to be able to manage your time and market yourself if you want to be successful. You may also have to manage other people.

Good Personal Hygiene Skills

People go to a salon because they want to look their best. They want to go to someone who leads by example. You have to keep your own appearance neat and well-groomed. A cosmetologist should come to work looking their best every day.

Physical and Mental Stamina

Most cosmetologists spend the majority of their time on their feet. They may also work long hours and only take a few breaks. Furthermore, most salons are open on the weekends. In fact, the weekend is usually the busiest time for salons. That is why physical and mental stamina is required to be a cosmetologist.

Not only is physical and mental stamina required, but you also have to be able to deal with stress. You may work with clients who are difficult, and nothing that you do will please them.