Four Major Tips When your Blog Loses Traffic After Google Ranking Drops


Bloggers making their living from blogging will never be happy to see the traffic to their blog drying up. However, this can take place because of some reasons that include being hacked, failing to back up a blog and losing data as well as having a server outage. Also, traffic can be lost when search engines tweak how they rank websites and the position of your blog for some keyword falls.  So what exactly should you do if you lose your Google traffic?

Never Panic

A lot of web masters totally lose it after a loss of traffic. However, panicking does not solve anything. Rather, it is best to calm down, try to take a break and remember that when you had not been trying to trick or game Google such thing might work out since in a lot of cases traffic will return at some point when Google re-corrects itself automatically.


Waiting can be the last you will consider when you see your income falling through your fingers. However, you should avoid making big changes to your blog for a minimum of one or two months. Sure you can tweak some things but usually Goggle will reverse the de-indexing of sites with quality and fall from their index. However, waiting does not mean stop blogging. Continue to post and build your blog when you had decent traffic because stopping can only make your blog look inactive.

Research and Analyze

After the Google change, take some time to analyze and reflect on your blog. Try to learn from the tough times and use them to enhance what you do. Look for webmaster forums to know if others are experience the same thing and get advice from experienced webmasters.

Also, consider doing some basic SEO research and determine how your blog stacks up. Take the chance to take into account your blogging’s overall direction and ask yourself where it is going and how you are doing it.

Enhance your Website

After reflecting without making big changes, use your blog’s reindexing as motivation in order to improve your blog. You can work on the following.

  • Fresh content- Search engines love websites that have fresh original content so rather than just checking stats and worrying about what could happen, write fresh quality blog posts. Consider starting a fresh series of posts which are likely to attract a number of new readers and income links.
  • Design and Backend Cleaning- Focus on freshening up the design of your blog and simplifying it a bit. A lot of bloggers add more things to the sidebars which results in the back-end code becoming jumbled and cluttered. So get rid of errors in your blog and simplify your code to allow search engine bots to easily navigate it. Also, don’t forget to fix broken links in the archives to allow Google bots to better surf your blog.

  • Network-Try to connect with other bloggers and webmasters in your niche and build relationships. This provides you the chance exchange relevant links and the potential for joint projects in the future.
  • Have a good SEO approach- It must be focused on building quality websites and blogs that internet users find useful. Look for a good provider of SEO service to help you with your approach.